Below Ground Steel Storm Bunkers!  

From 4 people to 400!!

When shopping around at other companies for steel shelter products, please ask what rating their door has, if its a 67mph or 100mph debris shot, then you know their shelters are at a bare minimum in FEMA code, if they aren't at least 200mph - 250mph debris shots, then your putting your family at risk for a cheap product! We have our own wind test facility and can test our products up to MACH1. We have licensed Engineers on STAFF! Ask them if their products have been put into a actual wind tunnel at over 650mph wind speeds!!  You get what you pay for , so please be cautious when your talking about protecting your family! Don't fall for a cheap KNOCKOFF.

Patented Product, owned by DEBLLC 

We carry a vast amount of different sized below ground steel shelters and bomb shelters. They range from 6 people to 100 man underground community shelters. They have a ceiling height between standard size 6 foot, to 8 foot. In the larger units you can also have two entry hatches.

Feb 8th 2012 - Picture below is a MONSTER 10 wide 40ft long 3/16th steel , dual entry storm bunker for a commercial business, with solar powered mass air vents, electric, seating for 50 people, carpet, exit signs! Stamped and Engineered!